Best Seller

Beef Pho soup

Beef rice noodle soup served with brisket point, oxtail, beef balls and fresh vegetables

150.000 VND

Banh mi pan

Bread served with slices of beef, Germany sausage, fried eggs and lettuce, tomato

150.000 VND

Mixed salad with smoked salmon

Mixed salad with smoked salmon and balsamic sauce

220.000 VND

Sauteed beef salad

Mixed salad with beef served with garlic bread and choice of sauce

180.000 VND

Grilled pork bread

Bread with grilled pork, cucumber and herbs

85.000 VND

Beef tenderloin with red pepper sauce

Rice served with pan fried Beef, vegetables and soup

150.000 VND

Long island

Vodka, Rum, Gin, Tequila, Cointreau and Lime juice

120.000 VND

Egg coffee

Vietnamese coffee with creamy egg foam

90.000 VND

Sunset On Hill

Red wine, Barcadi, sparkling wine, orange juice, and apple

150.000 VND

Pearl of The Orient

Vodka, sparkling wine, Ginger Ale, lime juice and sugar syrup

150.000 VND